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Heguru Education Centre Singapore (One KM | Sengkang | Waterway), is a leading award-winning school in Right Brain Training and Whole Brain Development of children.

We have clinched multiple Singapore awards and gained raving reviews with our effective teaching methodologies.

Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Early childhood education is of utmost importance. Our early learning centre offers effective Heguru right brain training method and enrichment programs for children under 4 years old, and whole brain development enrichment classes for preschoolers aged 5 and 6, that aim to unlock their genius potential.


Heguru Education

Heguru Education is developed by Heguru Japan with over 30 years of extensive research and practicum on right brain training. Our goal is to fill a gap in the Singapore education system with our unique and effective Heguru method. Heguru enrichment classes are customised to the Singapore curriculum.

Award Winning Right Brain Development School


Heguru One KM, Heguru Sengkang and Heguru Waterway are the only Heguru centres in Singapore which have won multiple awards from local parenting magazines!


Give your child the best foundation for learning. Early childhood education is important to prepare your little one for higher levels of education. Heguru One KM, Heguru Sengkang and Heguru Waterway offer effective learning programmes to develop the brain and help kids reach their full potential. Enrol your child at the Heguru Education Centre today!


Over 30 Years of Proven Results in Japan 


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Let’s Welcome the New Additions to our Heguru Education Family!


We are extremely pleased to have these wonderful and dedicated parents with us. 

Despite their hectic schedule, they still manage to find time to attend lessons with their little ones every week to bond with them and to witness their progress each week.

We are excited to be working hand in hand with them to be part of the learning and exploration journey of their children!




Mr Kenneth Kong (江坚文)

Leading Mediacorp  狮城有约 TV presenter and FM97.2 radio DJ with his adorable SG50 baby.

Zen Chong


Mr Zen Chong (章证翔)

Award-winning Mediacorp actor with his lovely SG50 daughter.


Mr Brandon Wong (黄炯耀)

Talented and versatile Mediacorp actor and host with his 3 intelligent and witty sons (aged 2, 5 and 7).




Registration for November 2016 has Started!



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Good news for parents with children aged 6 months to 9 years old!

Registration for November 2016 classes has started!



School of the Year 2016 Award

3 Consecutive Years!

Yet another wonderful milestone for Heguru One KM, Heguru Sengkang and Heguru Waterway Point, for 3 consecutive years!


As like-minded parents, we know you want nothing but the best education for your child. Look no further if you are looking for a holistic right brain training school for your child.


At Heguru Education Centre (One KM, Sengkang, Waterway Point Punggol), we constantly improve ourselves and adhere closely to our philosophy of offering the most effective right brain training programmes to draw out the best in your child.


Judged by a panel of experts from various specialisations such as education and health, we are pleased to be awarded the “School of the Year 2016 in Cognitive Development ” by Little Magazine.


“Heguru Education (One KM Paya Lebar, Sengkang, Waterway Punggol) – Bringing you the Best in Right Brain Training!”





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 Heguru Singapore

Heguru Singapore (by Heguru Education Centre @ One KM, Sengkang and Waterway Point), also formerly known as Heguru @ Eunos, is licensed by Henmi Educational General Laboratory (HEGL) Japan to bring in Heguru method focusing on Right Brain Training to benefit the children in Singapore. 


Through over 30 years, Heguru Japan has developed a right brain education programme, which includes an extensive 86 categories of courses, spanning from prenatal to senior high school years.


The success of Heguru education programmes and student achievements have been widely televised on Japanese national TV on numerous occasions. Their remarkable results have also greatly impressed the Education Ministry in Japan.


Most recently in June 2011, Heguru was featured on Japanese national TV as one of the top 6 schools in Japan. Mrs Ruiko Henmi, who is one of the founders, and a very famous teacher, was named one of the best “super-teacher” in Japan




Tan Chuan Jin

Jumpstart Your Child’s Learning with Heguru Education


Heguru Education Centre brings the fun in learning and development with our right brain development training programmes. As a leading educational institution in Singapore, we cater to babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.


Through our effective Heguru methodologies, we aim to tap into the potential of young minds and promote continuous development.





 General Knowledge

Our Approach to Early Childhood Development


Our centre follows an effective teaching methodology developed by Heguru Japan. Our methodologies are the result of over 30 years of extensive scientific research, which aims to help children maximise their right brain activities at an early age. With this approach, we stimulate skills and enhance intellectual development as children grow.






A Fun-filled Environment for Learning


Our centre understands how the environment can make a big difference on a child’s development. We strive to provide a comfortable, fun, and friendly environment to make our programmes more enjoyable for our young learners. We encourage imagination and interaction to help children learn more efficiently.


We have three centres offering Heguru Singapore—one is located in One KM (Paya Lebar), one at Sengkang, and one at Waterway Point (Punggol). All centres have bright classrooms with colourful decorations to provide a welcoming and cosy setting for children.






Customised Programmes for Every Age Group


When it comes to Heguru education, our centre offers customised programmes that will suit every age group. Each programme is designed to match the educational needs of the child while following the Singaporean curriculum. The programmes start with right brain development for infants and toddlers, up to whole brain development for pre-schoolers. Throughout the programmes, our educators will closely work with the children and their parents to achieve optimum results.







Heguru One KM

Heguru Sengkang

Heguru Waterway Point


Heguru One KM, Sengkang and Waterway Point centres are the only Heguru centres in Singapore that have been awarded multiple awards by local parenting magazines.


In 2013:  Parents World Magazine:

“ Best Enrichment and Learning School 2013/14 in All-Around Intellectual Development ”


In 2014:  Little Magazine Singapore:

“ School of the Year in Cognitive Development ”


 In 2014:  Parents World Magazine:

 “ Best Enrichment and Learning School 2014/15 in All-Around Intellectual Development ”


In 2015:  Little Magazine Singapore:

“ School of the Year in Cognitive Development ” 


 In 2015:  Parents World Magazine:

 “ Best Enrichment and Learning School 2014/15 in Stimulating Right Brain Development ”



Award Logo   Enrichment & Learning Schools2014/15  PW BOTB Enrichment 2015 16    little_Aug-Oct2014_awards-logo     Heguru winner of little awards 2015little Awards 2016 logo




We believe that early learning is the key to unlocking skill development among children. Enrol your child at our centre and see how we can make a difference on your child’s educational journey!